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Construction Defect/Liability
Sifting through the Maze of Responsibility

Construction defect and/or liability cases are ubiquitous. Further, on-the-job injuries can be serious, even fatal, and often go beyond worker's comp. Contractors negligently damaging property is a daily occurrence. Determining who is responsible for the injuries, or propertly damage, can become a maze of finger-pointing between self-serving contractors. Securing the contracts between these entities, the certificates of insurance, and locating often-transient, undocumented workers involved can be very complex.

When assigning construction and products liability claims to an investigator, you need a working professional who has a familiarity with Cal/OSHA investigations, who knows how to obtain redacted reports. We make sure we gather all contract/subcontract documentation—we effectively interpret the language—while securing all witness information—so you can get to get to the bottom of things.

J. Koerner Investigations has decades of experience filtering through all of these layers, determining the scope of each party's involvement, and conducting the proper investigation needed determine the root cause(s) of the loss, so that you can reach an informed decision on which entities are ultimately responsible.

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