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J. Koerner Investigations is owned and operated by John A. Koerner II, a casualty investigator, fraud investigator, and litigated claims adjuster who has handled virtually every form of liability claims investigation since 1988. Our primary business is handling high-end casualty insurance claims, but we also operate as private investigators, skip tracers, sub rosa specialists, process servers, and we even provide mobile notary service for getting your key documents signed & notarized right there, on the spot, once the target is located.

Our Clients
Our clients include major insurance carriers, self-insureds, and the defense attorneys they hire to represent their interests. We are also the first choice of criminal defense attorneys, who need custom-tailored investigation conducted by and at their direction. We will step in and assist private persons who have the need and the means to protect themselves from unjust attack, exploitation, and/or betrayal. (We will consider pro bono investigative assistance for select personal hardship cases: alimony, child support, infidelity, missing persons, unjust criminal charges, monies owed, etc., if warranted). When serious, high-dollar exposure is on the line, serious insurance companies, law firms, businesses, and private citizens know that J. Koerner Investigations will get them what they need and we understand why they need it.

Professional Case Handling
Your cases are important, many are vital—with tens of thousands (even millions) of dollars on the line. In many cases involving business or private persons, your reputation and future may be on the line. We don't use our name to get your business, and then assign your case to an inexperienced investigator or adjuster. We handle your cases personally, we take them seriously. And we get to work on them immediately. When you assign a case to J. Koerner Investigations, you can rest assured your vital interests are in competent, concerned, and highly-proactive hands.

Turnaround Time
Typically, on claim files (involving established insurance companies and law firms), we make 24-hr contact with all relevant parties. We submit initial reports within 10 days, and unless otherwise agreed we keep a 20- to 30-day reporting diary after that. Our invoices are likewise to be paid within 30 days of submission. On business or personal investigations, our contract will be custom-drafted to fit your needs, and a budget presented for your review, with 50% to 100% of the estimated costs being due, upfront, before any work begins, depending on the nature and scope of the assignment.

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