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John A. Koerner II graduated from UCLA, with a BA in Philosophy, in June of 1988—and went straight into insurance claims handling in August of 1988. Mr. Koerner began his professional career with Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, where he quickly rose to Senior Field Adjuster in 1990. Through this initial exposure to claims handling, via an industry giant, Mr. Koerner's foundation to understand and appreciate corporate insurance objectives was set, while handling primarly auto and homeowner claims. By his third year with Farmers, in 1991, Mr. Koerner earned the lowest cost-per-claim status as a settlement negotiator, not just within his office, but for his entire region of over 65 other adjusters. Vigilance in keeping claims costs down has always been his priority. By 1992, Mr. Koerner decided to became an independent, moving to one of the best IA firms in CA, which also owned a twin Private Ivestigation firm, and whose employees were completely autonomous, working from home. As an independent adjuster/private investigator, Mr. Koerner's exposure to a wide diversity of claims and investigative situations grew exponentially over the ensuing years, while keeping the corporate budget objectives of his clients in mind.

After decades of investigative acumen, serving insurers and the attorneys they hire, as well as private parties on a multitude of personal and social injustices, Mr. Koerner can truthfully say he has handled virtually every aspect of claims investigations to be found. As important, Mr. Koerner developed an equal amount of private investigation, surveillance, skip-tracing, documents research, assets investigations, and other forms of intelligence-gathering experience as well. After being continually asked by his employers' clients to handle their files personally, because of his tireless work ethic and superior attention to detail, Mr. Koerner decided it was time to launch his own company. Thus J. Koerner Investigations was born.

Client Benefit
What this means to you, as a client, is J. Koerner Investigations is headed by a true industry professional. He understands that insurance adjusting and private investigation are different. Each vocation requires different skill sets. Each can have different objectives. Most PI firms are run by ex-cops who have no insurance industry experience. The bulk of their work is following cheating spouses, background checks, or finding missing persons. Yet this kind of work is purely investigative and doesn't involve tens of thousands (or even millions) of dollars in claims exposure on the line. Cops have no idea how insurance claims work, they don’t know what a reservation of rights is, how to establish reserves, nor are they familiar with policy interpretation, contracts or coverage issues, nor with the finer points of the CA Department of Insurance Fair Claims Settlement Practices. On the other side of the coin, most “behind-the-desk” insurance adjusters have no true depth to their investigative palette either. They can’t run skip-traces, conduct surveillance, search public records, work undercover, nor develop key witness leads “live in the field,” where resourcefulness and quick-thinking are imperative. The ability to develop key information, by being able to handle individuals from all walks of life, live and impromptu, cannot be over-emphasized.

The Bottom Line
J. Koerner Investigations is one of the few truly rounded firms with the experience to handle “everything investigative.” We are one of the few investigators who knows what corporate insurers need to make decisions, we understand claims costs, and we are expert claims adjusters. We keep a keen eye out for fraud and misrepresentation, and we are outstanding claims negotiators! As “pure investigators,” we are equally well-versed, and are frequently contacted to find targets no other firm can find, availing ourselves of resources to which most others do not have access.

Yet we also never fail to keep in mind the human consideration of those persons truly affected by legitimate loss or betrayal. Our vigilant perspective, and our ability to connect with people, allows us to develop key intel in the field, which can only be harvested through this kind of subtle adaptability to each invidual as well as the willingness to work non-standard hours to accomodate those involved. So give us a call to discuss your needs. We will work harder than anyone else, more efficiently, and we don't mind working hours most don't want to work. Thank you for your visit today.

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