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General Territory

Our primary territory is Southern California, with our main home office being in San Dimas, CA—which borders the most important 4 counties in the state: Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire (L.A., Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties). However, we have a satellite office S/W of Tucson, and we can easilly handly any investigation inbetween.

If the scope of work happens to branch out into the neighboring states, it is actually more cost-effective for a client simply to adjust for us to visit the neighboring state(s). When compared to the cost for the client to create the extra paperwork to "re-assign “a new” aspect of the case" to another firm ... and then to then to pay a new investigator to acquaint himself to the file ... it often makes sense just to keep the file with our firm so we can go the extra mile (without having to "re-educate" someone new). Therefore, while we handle primarily Southern CA & Southern AZ cases, we are licensed to immediately branch-out and continue to handle any developed leads in our neighboring Great Western States if necessary.

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