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While insurance companies typically provide the bulk of both Independent Adjusting and Private Investiga-tion work, the difference as to how our company handles assignments boils down to whether the investigation is “over-the-table” or “under-the-table.” We assign cases as insurance work those matters which (aside from being insurance claims) involve targets who know they’re being investigated and who will likely cooperate with the investigation process. Insured/claimant statements, scene photos, diagrams, coverage opionins, etc. are all “over-the-table” and therefore allocated as Independent Insurance investigation case files.

By contrast, we assign as PI work those cases involving the opposite: targets who either don't know they're being investigated and/or who are refusing to cooperate. Skip-traces, surveillance, service of process, etc. are all handled as PI work, even if submitted by an insurance company, as this type of work is “under-the-table.” Further, the full spectrum of private investigation covers much broader ground than mere insurance claims, involving assistance to private persons and businesses as well, with many objectives have nothing to do with insurance matters.

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