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Settlement Negotiation
when the $$$ is on the Line

As with formal in-person arbitrations and MSCs, even when you're negotiating before it actually gets to the point of litigation, your money is still on the line. Therefore, you still need an experienced, successful professional who can effectively combine factual debate with congenial, diplomatic persuasion.

Remember, even with a completely-investigated file, if the representative you select to discuss settlement lacks either the confidence or experience to negotiate effectively and persuasively, your company is going to be giving away money when the rubber meets the road. Don't let this happen.

When it comes time to settle any high-exposure case, make sure you select a highly-persuasive, competent negotiator, who can not only present the facts optimally in a settlement-discussion, but who can do so in a spirit of good will which inspires a desire to cooperate on the other side. Use the 3-decades of negotiation savvy J. Koerner Investigations has under his belt to your advantage.

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