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Commercial General Liability
The Broad Scope of CGL Claims

There are multiple facets to CGL claims handling and investigations. Given the incredible variables in commercial operations, business contracts, etc., each case is essentially unique. While there are many who say the scope of Commercial General Liability coverage continues to shrink (“EPL” exclusions, etc.), it remains an incredibly diverse and challenging venue.

If your case is serious, you need an investigator who has many years' experience in what to look for as well as the key questions to ask each witness interviewed.

At the same time, the investigator needs to be mindful of exclusions, endorsements and specialties, errors and omissions, as well as always being vigilant for codefendants and contractual avenues to tender the claim. J. Koerner Investigations has this expertise and will provide your company with the most complete perspective from which to make cost-effective decisions.


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