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Accidents happen. When tens of millions of people get behind the wheel, every minute of every day, there is no avoiding the fact some of them are going to be your insureds, who are going to face the tragedy of life-changing mistakes on the road.

Whether your insured was operating a car, a bus, a commercial vehicle, a semi—or directng heavy equipment—when you have serious issues and exposure on the line, you need a true working professional who knows what questions to ask—and how to get you the information you need. This is especially true with large commercial trucking losses, which often involve high exposure, multiple carriers, contracts, mechanical service records documentation, bills of lading, independent contractor agreements, and other potential insurance as avenues for recovery. Make sure you hire a seasoned professional to handle your large exposure cases. True professionals not only determine liability, they will also clarify many other important issues, identify codefendants, etc.

Even in large standard auto loss cases, witness-canvassing is an art and thorough statement-taking is a necessity. Don't assign your major cases to an inexperienced adjuster/investigator, who can't wait to “clock-out at 5” to go home and watch TV. Assign your critical cases to a true working professional, who will work as long as he has to, day or night, including weekends, to get you the evidence and testimony you need.

Jack Koerner's name is synonomous with going the extra mile, taking the extra time, and developing that additional piece of critical evidence that will make-or-break your case. Call us when you absolutely must have all the information in order to reach the most informed decision you can.

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