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Alimony Enforcement/Relief
Collecting (or Ceasing) the Cash Flow

Divorce is always costly: in emotions, in time, and in family disruption—and it is usually expensive to boot. Not just in legal fees, but in money owed to a spouse, sometimes for an indefinite period. Typically, it is the man who is on the hook for the payments, but not always.

Alimony is often justified, where one spouse has subordinated her own career to care for her man and family, and she is absolutely entitled to be cared for after the legal contract of marriage is broken. In these cases, should the ex-husband stop paying his financial obligations to her, we will make it our mission to find his location, his assets, and to ensure that the ex-wife gets her proper restitution.

On the other hand, sometimes an ex-spouse is abusing the system, continuing to receive the ex-husband's alimony, even though she is fully-capable of taking care of herself, or (worse) while she has shacked-up with another man, and is therefore no longer entitled to alimony, and yet still continues to bilk her ex-husband for payments when the obligation should have ended. In these cases, we will secure the evidence necessary to relieve the man of his gratuitous obligation.

Regardless of the circumstance, J. Koerner Investigations will take action for our client, no matter which side of the blade he or she is being unjustly cut upon. From conducting targeted surveillance, to initiating deep assets checks, to providing proof that an ex-spouse now living with a new beau/mistress, at which point the alimony obligation should end, J. Koerner Investigations will make sure you receive the justice you deserve.

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