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Many important documents, particularly insurance documents, need to be signed before settlements will take place (Releases, Affidavits of No Excess Insurance, Declarations of No Assets, etc.). Often, a mere signature will not be accepted; these documents need to be notarized. What complicates matters is that many insureds are uncooperative, can't be located, can only be reached during non-standard hours, etc.

J. Koerner Investigations has you covered on every level. If your insured can't be found, we will find him. If he won't cooperate, or can't be motivated to send the forms that are mailed to him, we will bring the forms to his door. If the insured can only be reached at odd times, when standard notaries aren't open, we are notaries, and we will do what needs to be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Therefore, if you absolutely, positively need to get a notarized signature from a key person, especially if you're having difficulty finding them and/or getting them to cooperate, assign the file to J. Koerner Investigations and we will find them, we will go directly to their door, and we will get you that critical signature, notarized.

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