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Serious Injury Claims require Expert Handling

Serious casualty investigation is our primary role as insurance adjusters. Truly serious injuries, fatalities, and loss are always complex and they are always emotionally-charged. As a carrier, TPA, or self-insured needing a local investigative professional, you need a seasoned veteran who is familiar with the laws, who has the determination to leave no stone unturned, and yet who is compassionate enough to be sensitive to the tragedies suffered by the affected parties.

J. Koerner Investigations has the knowledge, the experience, and the diplomacy which is absolutely required to get the answers you need—and yet to achieve the desired results in such a way as to respect the dignity of all parties involved. This kind of vigilance will facilitate a future amicable settlement (if liability) or the trustful acceptance of a respectful denail (if not). We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, in taking the extra time, and by developing those critical pieces of key information that will make-or-break a case, while keeping the goodwill of all those involved.

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