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Scene Diagram Preparation 
Documenting Positions & Measurements

Typically, optimal photographs and video are the best way to preserve evidence and supplement a written report. However, quite often CAD (Computer Asisted Drawing) diagrams are better-suited to help the client understand what happened. Whether you need a simple diagram, as above, or a highly-complex digital document, J. Koerner Investigations has top-tier CAD diagram software (including Crash Scene diagramming, Crime Scene diagramming, Floorplans, etc.) with more than 4,000 internationally-recognized symbols (traffic, crime, hazmat, etc.), all to scale.

Our diagrams can be outputted into PDF format for written reports, PowerPoint presentation for display on trial, as well as for RMS integration for Risk Management assessment. We can even incorporate external digital evidence such as photographs, audio, and video into the diagrams for optimal presentation effect.

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