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Photographs are documents. They are documents over and above the time it took to get out in the field to secure the images. Photographic documents require professional tools to capture them optimally. While most amateur investigators take photos with their cell phones these days, we typcially bring $5K-$12K in top-quality professional gear with us when we go into the field to secure images for you. We do this because key photographs often prove to be the most important documents in a case file. There is a time and place for cell phone images (minor documentation requests), but there is also a time and place for the best possible image quality. After all, the saying, “A picture's worth a thousand words,” exists for a reason.

The success or failure of photographic images depends on many factors: 1) the quality of the tools that captured the images, 2) the format the images were captured in, and 3) the expertise in the file handling on the part of the investigator. All photos are not created equal. Well-taken, properly-handled images make a far more convincing case than do poorly-taken/rendered images; yet the vast majority of investigators have neither the tools, nor the knowledge, required to take the best-quality images possible. As mentioned, most just use their cell phones and plop the results onto a photo-mount page.

When we investigate your cases, we utilize world-class equipment, and we take the time to render our images optimally. The following video presentation will show the difference between professionally-taken photographic results versus that of an amateur. This may not seem important, but visual presentation is everything in our business. For the best visual presentation of the facts in your case files, it is to your advantage to select an investigator who also happens to be a professional wildlife photographer during his off-time. The difference in quality you will have at your disposal is (literally) night and day:

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