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Photo Processing/Mounting Charges
What goes into the Presentation

Photographs do not transfer themselves from camera to print without additonal time/effort being put in by the investigator. This preparation time/effort is separate from the time traveling to secure the visual documentation, it is also separate from the valuable image documents themselves, and this preparation/rendering time is billable also. Again, most investigators (at best) re-size and plop their cell phone images onto a photo mounting sheet. We re-size also, but before we do anything, we first optimally-render each image for its best presentation (after first taking the image with optimal equipment). Finally, we exercise due dilligence in preserving the original, untainted massive RAW file of each image, just in case they're ever needed for full display in a courtroom. We deliver the rendered, re-sized .jpeg images to the client, in our report, but we always keep the original RAW file in our archives.

The following video tutorial will illustrate the difference between what J. Koerner Investigations puts into our photo-rendering from the minimal effort/skill that is typical of most investigators. While we put considerable time and effort into what we do, as you'll see in the video, we still only bill 0.1 to the client, per-developed-image, which is pretty much the industry standard. We take our photography very seriously, 1) because photography happens to be our passion, 2) because once any person understands the difference, it becomes difficult to accept mediocrity, and 3) photographs are often the most valuable pieces of evidence in a case file. Our philisophy is, it is better to have more than what you need, and better than what you need, than it is to lack what you need. At the end of the day, when two case files are competing for credence, a first class presentation will always outshine a mediocre presentation. We hope you will appreciate the difference our approach delivers.

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